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Our passion for handcrafting is seen in the fine details of every home we build. Our respect for nature and appreciation for wood is recognized in the care with which each log is selected and used. And our success is found in the satisfaction of every client — now friend — we have served. Don’t forget to ask us about our 100-year guarantee!

The Traditional Handcrafted Log Home

For the more rustic at heart, we offer the impressive Scandinavian Scribe style of home. Massive round logs are draw-knifed to a clean surface, freeing them of bark and showing off their natural splendor. With careful consideration given to their original taper, they are stacked one on top of the other and scribed together for a perfect fit. Corners are interlocked using a unique scarfed saddle notching method. Wool and SOF® Rod gaskets are used here as well to provide for an environmentally sound and energy-efficient home.

Our Featured Log Home Design

Inspired by the chalets of Scandinavian master craftsmen from the first millennium, our Norwegian dovetail design is both beautiful to look at and superior in structural integrity. Nowhere will you find log house construction so precise. However, if it is the rustic log cabin you have your eye on, Davidson also does the Classic Ontario dovetail with equally large, full-length logs with minimal chinking.( chinking is the mortar between the horizontal logs)

Expose Those Beams!

Our Timber Frame designs employ the Post and Beam concept using traditional as well as Japanese joinery techniques for a truly artistic home. Timbers are flattened on all four sides, uniquely and precisely carved, then fastened together with hardwood pins and wedges. With high truss work and exposed beams that lend to the popular open-concept design, Timber Frames offer endless architectural possibilities and blend well in urban settings. Let Davidson custom build you a modern alternative to the log house. The timber frame design is a construction that works well in every environment.

Canada's Trademark Log Home Design

Built with either round or squared logs, the Piece-en-Piece style is one of Canada’s oldest and most popular designs. In fact, early Hudson Bay Company voyageurs and army workers chose this style for their homes and outposts because large buildings could be constructed using short sections of logs. At Davidson, we use this same method of placing horizontal logs between vertical posts for a look that combines the best features of log and timber frame homes.

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