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Handcrafted Log Homes Muskoka, Canada

If you’re someone who has been dreaming of owning your own log home for years – whether as a vacation cottage or permanent residence – you’ve seen plenty examples of log home packages mass produced by North American manufacturers every year. But have you ever had the opportunity to take a close-up look at a beautiful handcrafted log home? Most handcrafters are small operations with limited budgets for marketing, so unfortunately, the benefits and qualities that set handcrafted homes apart from milled ones are often unknown to the general public. We’d like to introduce you to three main areas that distinguish handcrafted log homes from milled ones. Take a minute to discover for yourself the beauty of handcrafted log homes.

The Beauty of Superior Materials and Construction

Handcrafted Log Homes in Muskoka, Ontario

Handcrafted log and timber frame homes are built by specialists who know and understand the true essence of wood and are most inclined to use the finest of species for their work. To ensure that logs are used at full length, these hand crafters hand select raw logs that are generally 12″ to 20″ in diameter and individually prepare them using hand tools. This allows for maximum mass and R-value and considerably better insulation while ensuring that virtually none of the tree is wasted.

By comparison, manufactured homes are built in factories by CNC machines using lesser quality woods to cut down on cost. The milling process cuts all logs to be uniform in shape and size (generally 6″ to 8″ in diameter and then butt-joined for consistent lengths). A significant portion of the tree is discarded resulting in considerably less mass and insulating capabilities.

The construction process of handcrafted homes allows for greater quality control as well. Corner joints are measured, marked, and cut individually by log home builders. Logs are cut to length and measured and the home is totally custom fit and assembled at the hand crafters log yard. When it is re-erected on the homeowner’s property there are no surprises. Every log and every joint has already been fully prepared so that it fits together precisely. Most manufactured homes are not pre-built and the milling process can leave gaps up to 1/4″ wide. Any flaws in the construction of the home will not be found until after the home has been re-erected on the site.

The Beauty of One-on-One Trusted Service

Handcrafted Log Homes in Muskoka, ON

When it comes to erecting the home, there is a big difference in the degree of service provided by handcrafting and manufacturing companies. Handcrafters always erect the shells they have constructed themselves. Before doing so, however, they generally cut out all the window, door, and electrical openings in advance. All of the work has been done in advance so that reconstruction generally takes just two to four days.

Manufactured log home packages are delivered in kits and come with instructions. A supervisor is generally provided for a day and then the client is responsible for handling the remainder of the construction process. It generally takes one or two weeks to erect a manufactured home after which time the doors, windows, and electrical openings have to be cut out.

Handcrafting companies are usually smaller and the client usually has frequent and direct contact with the master craftsman in charge of building his or her home. Not only does this allow for more ready access to information and personalized attention, but it also helps to raise the level of trust that is so necessary for the planning and building process.

Homeowners who choose manufacturing companies to build their log homes are one of hundreds of clients. They generally have to work with sales professionals rather than expert builders.

The Beauty of a Truly Unique Home

Handcrafted Log Homes in Muskoka

With handcrafted homes, no two homes are the same…and no two logs are the same. Unlike milled homes, handcrafted homes ensure that every log retains its inherent features and characteristics. Long, natural tapers are appreciated and even emphasized. And because so much care and pride goes into the handling of each individual log, the home is sure to have many unique features special to the skills and expertise of the handcrafter. What you have upon completion is a work of art that is truly one of a kind.

With manufactured homes logs are butt joined together to generate length and each row of logs in the home is identical to the one above or below it. Corner joints are uniform throughout the house. The milling and manufacturing process does not allow for unique details and craftsmanship.

Davidson Log & Timber Artisans handcraft log homes for clients in Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, Muskoka, Haliburton Highlands, Kawarthas, Uxbridge, Greater Peterborough: all over Ontario, Canada, the United States, North America, Europe, and beyond. Contact us today for a free information package about our truly beautiful handcrafted homes or to schedule an introductory conversation with Owner and Master Artisan, Matt Davidson.

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