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The son of a carpenter, Matt grew up spending every summer on a construction site and has worked with wood ever since he can remember. When he was just five years old his father took him and his brother on a two-week volunteer project to help build a log church in far-North Ontario. It was there that he first caught a glimpse of the unique beauty found in log structures, and sensed the satisfaction that can come from using your own hands to build them.

When Matt was older, he pursued his passion for handcrafting in college. There he met his wife, Alison who was also studying in the same cabinet making program. Brought together by their common interest in handcrafting, the two became married and shortly after joined their talents and pioneer spirits to design and build their first home together – a log home, of course. It took them six full months and then a year working evenings and weekends to hewn and place every log by hand, but when their project was complete, there was no question as to how they wanted to spend their lives. Forget the prefabricated log home packages they were hooked on the organic experience of handcrafting.

To gain experience building handcrafted homes, Matt spent many years apprenticing under veteran handcrafters in the Ontariolog home building industry. He applied himself to learning the intricacies of the trade and worked hard to refine the skills and creative talents nature had given him. Matt’s natural gifts made a way for him and soon his work and reputation paved the way for him to begin his own business.

In the black fly season of 2000 Matt and Alison bought 130 acres of land in rural Ontario just South of Muskoka. They and their four children have called Washago home ever since.

Our History at Davidson Log & Timber Artisans Muskoka, Ontario, Central Ontario
Our History at Davidson Log & Timber Artisans Muskoka, Ontario, Central Ontario

Things were tough in the beginning. Davidson Log & Timber Artisans was founded with little more than a 1950-something Hough pay loader, armloads of historic log home books, and a shared passion for building the finest log homes in the world. But thankfully, a good reputation, well-recognized skills and hard work made a way for them.

Ever since the beginning, projects have been booked for months and even years in advance. And Matt and Alison have known the great fortune of finding both craftsmen and clients who share their love of fine, handcrafted homes. This has made all the difference…this has been their great success.

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