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Log Home Buyers Ontario

What do our handcrafted log home buyers have in common? It has been an honour and a privilege to build log homes for so many interesting and unique clients over the years. Although we’ve shipped our shells to many different parts of the world, the majority of our clients come to us from nearby in Ontario. (Probably, they prefer to have a local builder handcrafting their dream home.)

We get to know these clients pretty well during the planning and building process and have noticed some similarities among them. As proud as we are of the log homes we build, we’re also impressed by the people who live in them.

Are you the type of person to choose a handcrafted log home from Davidson?

  • Are you Adventurous?Our clients are looking for something unique. They’re used to breaking the mold and want a home that is different than anyone else’s on the planet. Every Davidson home is special.
  • Are you Future-Minded?Our clients want a home that’s going to last for generations. Davidson homes are meant to be a legacy; that’s obvious when you see one.
  • Are you Expressive?Our clients are thoughtful and interesting individuals. Davidson studies each client and works with them to incorporate personal elements into their home.
  • Are you Financially Savvy?Our clients have calculated the long-term returns to be gained from a quality-built handcrafted log home. Davidsons guarantees their work and have built a reputation of trustworthiness and integrity.
  • Are you Caring?Our clients know that handcrafted log homes are built using nature’s most renewable resource. They are concerned about the environment. Davidson is devoted to best practices of environmental stewardship.
  • Are you Well-Informed?Our clients do lots of research before choosing a log home builder. When their research is done they know that Davidson is the builder of choice for their handcrafted log home project.

How much does a log home cost?

Now you can estimate how much it would cost to build your dream home using our online log home cost calculator. It might be closer than you think!

Please note that any costs outlined here are a ballpark and don’t include unique variables to building your home, cost of property/land, or other costs incurred. For a full, in-depth estimate, please call us at 705.330.9883 or contact us below.

What is the perimeter of your home -- how many lineal feet make up the exterior walls, including windows and doors?

If you're unsure, 250 is the typical perimeter for an average 2000 sqft home.

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Would you describe the timber roof system as:

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Your estimated cost is:

This estimate is based on the selected options and excludes the property itself.

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